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Water Study - 2007
To fully understand the scope of the changes being proposed for Bethel Township it is to have knowledge of
  • That multiple reference to the Water Plan are embedded in the proposed Development Plan, AND
  • The fact that Page 6, Paragraph F of proposed Sewer Agreement with Clark County requires properties with public water to also have public sewer (agricultural property can be deferred), AND
  • The fact that on July 9, 2009, the Miami County Commissioners applied for three loans totally $855,805 to pay a consultant to plan for and design a sewer system  for Bethel Township. That's about $1,800 per property just to plan for and design the system. The county agrees that assessments will be levied at the times and in the amounts necessary to re-pay the loans, but this is just the tip of the iceberg as it doesn't include construction, maintenance, hook-up charges, tap-in fees, and monthly charges.

Summary of the loan applications:

  • A $320,805  loan to plan and design a centralized collection system to serve 150 residential properties and 45 businesses in the Phoneton "service area."
  • A $230,000 loan to plan and design a centralized sewer system120 residential properties and 15 business properties in and around Brandt. An additional $90,000 has been re-directed to this particular project.

Sewer Agreement - July 14, 2009
The Clark County Commissioners signed the agreement and forwarded it to the Miami County Commissioners for their signatures. The agreement is for 50 years for up to 1.2 millions gallons of wastewater treatment per day. (read about the cost for Bethel residents.)

  • December 13, 2007- Township officials meet with County   Commissioners. 3.8 levy money to be given to developers.

  • April 29, 2009 - Trustees meet with Miami County Commissioners; delivery of the two letters of commitment; water was supposed to have stopped annexation it didn't and recognition that sewer won't stop it either; 40 is a hotbed; acknowledgement of irate public; sewers have to pay for themselves; Trustee Wray claims "communication with transparency."

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